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You can activate your trial month by clicking on the button “START TRIAL”. Once on the page, enter the number linked to your account or sign up for ALO. On the “ALO Unlimited” subscription page, enter your details and the phone number connected to your account to begin your trial month for free.

By purchasing the ALO Unlimited subscription, you are able to make unlimited calls to any fixed or mobile number, without time limitations. In addition, you will be given a dedicated phone number from which you can make and receive phone calls.

By purchasing the ALO Unlimited subscription you will receive a free one month trial of the service. During this month, you are able to make and receive calls from fixed or mobile numbers, free of charge and time limitations. IN addition, you can continue to call other ALO users in your address book. At the end of the trial month, the “Unlimited” subscription is automatically renewed.

With the free version of ALO you can make and receive calls for free only to other ALO users, while listening to the audio and reading the subtitles on your device in real time.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will have 15 minutes of free minutes to try ALO. You can always call your contacts who have downloaded ALO for free.

In the Contacts tab of the app, you will find names with the yellow ALO icon next to it. Those contacts have ALO installed on their device and you can call them for free whenever you want!

Open the ALO app and enter your phone number. A few minutes after, you will receive an SMS from ALO with a verification code. Enter the code in the ALO app and press Send.

– Choose the number you want to call directly from the list of your contacts or enter it manually from the Keyboard; – Click on the start call icon and begin the conversation. In addition to listening to the audio of the call, you will be able to simultaneously read the subtitles in real time!

By leaving us your email address, you will receive the assistance you need faster, as well as, information about news and offers dedicated to you!

If you are calling other ALO users, the person receiving your call will see your phone number. If you purchase the “ALO Unlimited” package, the person receiving your call will see the number assigned to you at the time of purchase. For more information on buying a personal number, please see the offer details.

ALO is available on the Google Play and App Store, just search for the name on your smartphone or tablet and begin the download.

Currently, ALO is available for all Android devices (version 4.4 and after) and on iPhones or iPads (version iOS 10 and after).

The latest update released includes all of the new features of ALO, it is safer and greater application stability is guaranteed.

Yes, you can use ALO on 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks. As a reminder, the use of the app on 3G or 4G may include costs from your operator for data usage.

For more information write to If, on the other hand, you wish to request the cancellation of your account, please complete and send the following form to subject: cancellation of personal data processing Attn to Pedius s.r.l. The undersigned - NAME AND SURNAME - hereby requests the deletion of all personal data relating to his/her account - EMAIL - pursuant to art. 17 of the new European Regulation on privacy. With this request he/she also declares to be fully aware that this will consequently lead to the cancellation of his/her ALO account. Sincerely, Name and Surname

No, it is currently not possible to make emergency phone calls with ALO.

It is possible to purchase the “ALO Unlimited” package directly by credit card.

From the Settings menu, go to “Call Language” and select the language in which the call will be made.

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